Goal Setting for 2018

It’s mid-January so now is a good time to have think about what would be a suitable goal to aim for in 2018. 

The first week in Jan is a bad time to decide on anything, people come up with weird stuff that never gets done, such as, this year I’m going to start an online course, get fit, give up the fags, give up the drink, spend less time on my phone, watch less t.v and climb Mt. Everest twice in one day. By mid-Jan sanity and reality are back in play so goals tend to be a little bit more realistic. By all means aim high but maintain a semblance of realism.  


Local photographer Steven Murphy recently published a book documenting 30 years of sport in Mallow. In the foreword he bemoans the fact the he has often heard people saying ‘there’s nothing to do in Mallow’ he strongly refutes this and is probably the most qualified person in the town to say so! There are so many clubs, organisations and events in Mallow that there is always something to keep you active and busy.


Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do? Our goals are as individual as we are. All the staff at CrossFit Mallow would love to help you chase yours, get in contact and we can devise a plan.

A few fitness goals that we helped people train for last year are:

Run a 5km

Run a Marathon

Complete an Adventure Race

Complete the Ring Of Kerry

Compete in a Powerlifting competition

Compete in a Weightlifting competition

Compete in a CrossFit competition

Climb Carrauntoohil

Climb high altitude mountains in India & Pakistan

Plus many more.


Don’t just drift, aim high and eliminate your goals ruthlessly, one by one.

Once a goal is set, do something everyday to attain that goal. It’s only a matter of time before it’s is achieved.


-Ger McAuliffe.



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