Thursday Friday Timetable

Thursday & Friday Timetable:

The Gym will be closed at 2pm on Thursday until 2pm on Friday. All classes are cancelled Thursday evening and Friday morning, NOBODY is allowed to enter the gym including staff. I will be locking down the gym and setting the alarm at 2pm on Thursday and nobody is allowed to enter the premises until i unset the alarm at 2pm on Friday weather permitting (including staff)

The National Emergency Coordination Committee has asked everybody in Munster and Leinster to be indoors by 4pm tomorrow and to stay there until midday on Friday.

It comes as Met √Čireann issued a fresh red weather alert for Munster and Leinster for tomorrow afternoon through to Friday afternoon, warning of significant snow drifts in many areas.

It said: "Blizzard-like conditions will develop in heavy snow and strong easterly winds on Thursday evening and will continue Thursday night and Friday morning."

All schools and third level institutions will close across the two provinces.

Thursday Timetable:
10.30am Class on as normal.
12.30pm Class on as normal. (Gym closes at 2pm for the evening)
5pm. Gym Closed
6pm Gym Closed
7pm Gym Closed
8pm Gym Closed

Friday Timetable:
6.45am. Gym Closed
12.30pm Gym Closed.
Evening classes To Be Confirmed...

If you are bored at home you could always do the very first Open wod from 2011....7 mins of Burpees...

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