The week ahead Tuesday August 8th

Training for the week ahead:




Bench Press 5x3 reps

Weighted Chin Ups 3x3

Weighted Dips 3x3


‘Partner Chipper’

25 reps each of:

Dumbell Snatch 22.5/15kg


Cal Bike/Row

Pull Ups

Push Ups/HSPU

Toes To Bar

Burpee Box Jumps

Wall Balls



20 min AMRAP

1 Power Snatch

5 Bar Muscle Ups Or Strict Pull Ups

10 Burpees Over The Bar

150m Run

(Add 1 Power Snatch rep each round)



3x 40 on/20 off:

Russian Twist

Hollow Hold

Mountain Climbers



Every 90 seconds x10

2x Hang Clean

2x Front Squat

1x Push Press/Jerk


Interval Training:

4 Rounds of:

25/20 Cals

10 Overhead or Front Squats 42.5/30kg

10 Pull Ups (Chest To Bar)

Rest for remainder of 5 mins.



Back Squat 5x3 reps

Bulgarian Spilt Squats 3x5 reps each leg


5 Rounds of:

Min 1: 60 Double Unders/Skips

Min 2: 8 Dumbell Squat Cleans 22.5/15kg

Min 3: 2 Rope Climbs (Advanced do legless)

Min 4: 10 Box Jumps/Step Ups 30/24’’

Min 5: 5x Deadlift @ 75% of 1 Rep Max




Triple 3 Or Linda

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