Mallow Mania 8


Mallow Mania 8 will take place on Saturday Sept 29th from 9.30am until lunchtime.

Format: Teams of 4 people. 2 male & 2 female.

All fitness levels and experience welcome!

Goal: Mass participation, fitness & fun!

Entry Fee: Free! There will be no official entry fee for MM8 this year. We will use the day as a fundraiser for some local charities if people would like to make a small donation.

‘After Party’: Sat Sept 29th. Location: some bar in Mallow!

The aim for this year is to get as many people involved as possible and to have a fun day of fitness. The workouts will be very doable and if anyone needs to scale then just scale as usual. The workouts will be release a few days before the event but nobody is allowed to practise them!

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