MM8 Details.


Saturday Sept 29th @9.30am until lunchtime.

To register to take part please write your name on the whiteboard in the corner of the gym.

Teams will be chosen randomly and fairly a few days before the event. (I'm leaving it until late to pick teams so if someone unfortunately has to pull out it won't leave their team searching for another person)

All teams will have to perform the same workouts. The workouts are designed to test people of all abilities within each team. When you see the workouts please remember that a team shares the reps so if you see 100 reps of a movement, each person will only have to do approx 25.

Golf uses handicap. CrossFit uses scaling.
In golf the handicap is used to make events more competitive and give everyone a fair chance of winning. By allowing scaling in MM8 it will allow all teams a fair chance to win.
In order for this approach to work everyone needs to be honest and fair when scaling and with range of motion.

Minimal Scaling will be permitted in cases where it is required for a person to be able to complete the movement of rep. For example if you always use a black or green band for pull ups you may continue to do so in MM8.

There is no official entry fee for MM8. The occasion will be used as a fundraiser for some charity. The winning team gets to chose the beneficiary.

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