No Sugar/No Alcohol November?

No Sugar - No Alcohol November?

November is great month to to train hard and eat healthy food. Commit to training regularly each week and avoiding sugar and alcohol products.

Add in the Cardio Corner workout once or twice each week and you're likely to burn somewhere between 2-5kg's of excess bodyfat during the month.

If you would like to get measurements recorded please just ask a coach the next time you are in training. (Please record measurements BEFORE training, not after)

1 kg of body fat = 7,700 Cals.
In order to burn off 1 kg of excess bodyfat you'll need to eat a diet with a calorie deficit and also exercise regularly.

1 Hour of CrossFit = Approx 600 Cals
1 Cardio Corner workout = Approx 300 Cals

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