The week starting Monday Nov 12th

Training plan until Christmas.

Last week we tested the 1 rep max bench press, pull up and back squat. There were a lot of personal best set. There is still room to improve even more. We are going to continue working on increasing our 1 rep max bench press and back squat. Aim to add another 5-10kgs on to each lift over the next 6 weeks. Retest for the bench press will be Tues Dec 11th and back squat Fri Dec 14th.

Pull up training will be to develop as many consecutive reps as possible; strict, kipping or chest to bar.

We will practise the snatch and clean each week and conditioning will incorporate:

Partner wods (Monday)

Short intense couplet and triplet amraps (Tuesday)

Long aerobic interval wods (Wednesday)

Barbell complexes (Thursday)

Chippers (Friday)

Aerobic endurance wods or EMOMs (Saturday)


The result I expect to see from this type of programming are as follows: PB’s in the back squat and bench press, the ability to string together a large set of unbroken pull ups, improvements in snatch and clean technique. Aerobic endurance and stamina should also improve.

Aesthetically you should build some muscle over the next few months as there is a lot of weight training and accessory work. If you stay off sugar and alcohol you should get leaner and be able to see the muscle development that is taking place.

After Christmas we will do a few more short intense wods and work on increasing gymnastic endurance and max effort snatch and clean and high volume weightlifting wods to prepare for the 2019 CrossFit Open. For the next 6 weeks it all about building absolute strength and building an aerobic base.


Training for the week ahead:


Hang Power Snatch 5x2

Power Snatch 5x2

Power snatch deadlift & hang high pull 3x2



Partner workout:

14 min AMRAP

4 Power Snatch each

7 Burpees Over The Bar each

10 Toes To Bar each



Bench Press:

For the bench press each week there will be two options to choose from, intermediate and advanced lifters should choose the conjugate system, beginner to intermediate lifters should chose the linear progression system.

Conjugate System: One rep max Bench Press with chains. Use spotters.

Linear Progression: 5x3 reps @ 85% of 1 Rep Max


Close grip bench press 3x8 reps (Optional: with Kettlebells hanging from bar with bands)

Ring Rows 3x8 (feet elevated)



10 min AMRAP:

1 Thruster 45/30kg

1 Burpee Over The Bar

1 Dip on Rings or Bar.

Add 1 rep each round.



Max Rep Pull Ups, rest 2 mins repeat x 3

(Choose the strict, kipping, butterfly or chest to bar pull up)


1 Round of:

2 mins on 2 mins off:

Ski/Row/Assault Bike/Bike/Shuttle Run/Burpees/Wall Balls.



3 Rounds of: 45 on/15 of:

Russian Twist

L-Sit Hold





Hang Power Clean 5x2

Power Clean 5x2

Clean Deadlift & Hang High Pull 3x2


Barbell Complex:

DT for weight

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Press/Jerks

Rest 2 mins x 5 Rounds. Increase weight each round.


Finisher: 150 Cals



Back Squat:

Conjugate System: One rep max Back Squat with chains. Use spotters.

Linear Progression: 5x3 reps @ 85% of 1 Rep Max


Back Squat 1x15 reps

Good mornings or Nordic Falls 3x8 reps



Reverse Chipper:

50 Double Unders/100 skips

40 Burpee Box Jump/Step Overs

30 Overhead Lunges 40/25kg (15 each leg, alternating)

20 Pistols (10 each leg)

10 Strict HSPU or Ring Push Ups

5 Rope Climbs



Skill: The Turkish Get Up. An excellent exercise for abdominal strength and should and hip mobility.


5 Rounds of:


Min 1: Row 15/12 Cals

Min 2: Dumbell Squat Cleans x 5 @22.5/15kg

Min 3: Burpees Over The Bar x 8-12 reps

Min 4: Deadlifts x 5 @100/70kg

Min 5: Assault Bike/ Bike Or Ski 15/12 Cals











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