Timetable Update:

The Monday morning early 6.45am class has been removed from the timetable.

There needs to be a regular minimum of 5 attendees at each class in order for it to remain viable and on the weekly class timetable.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

All others classes remain the same. Please see below for the full weekly CrossFit class timetable:

There are 31 classes to choose from each week with no
pre- booking required:

Monday: 12.30pm 5/6/7/8pm

Tuesday: 10.30am/12.30pm 5/6/7/8pm

Wednesday: 6.45am 10.30am/12.30pm 5/6/7/8pm

Thursday: 10.30am/12.30pm 5/6/7/8pm

Friday: 6.45am/ 12.30pm 5/6/7/8pm

Saturday: 10.30am

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