A decade of Fitness!

To celebrate becoming an official 10 Year CrossFit Affiliate, CrossFit Mallow will be hosting an In-House Community training event.

Saturday Sept 28th 

10.00am -1.00pm

‘3 Workouts in 3 hours’

This is NOT a competition. It is exactly the same as a normal training day at the gym - just in larger numbers and with an electric atmosphere!

You can scale weights and movements as normal and there is no judging or scoring.

Please sign your name on the whiteboard to register for the free event.

The goal is to get together as community and have fun through partner and team workouts. Workouts will be revealed once we have approximate numbers and check the weather forecast.


A Decade of Fitness:

We’ve come far but have a lot more yet to do…

Looking back over the thousands of photos that have been taken over the past decade brought back a lot of lovely memories. You get to meet so many fantastic people when you work in a CrossFit gym.

It makes me realise how fortunate I am to do the work that I do. You get to influence people in a positive way and spread the love of fitness and health through the local community and beyond.

The day I left the gym that I worked in before I opened the affiliate I remember going home and switching on the T.V. Our Taoiseach Brian Cowen was live on the news. It was the day that the bailout with the IMF was being announced. I flicked though the T.V news channels and it was live on RTE, CNN, FOX, BBC and even Aljazeera!  I remember being rooted to the spot and thinking ‘shit just got real!’  I realised that I was in for the biggest challenge of my life to make this work. The bigger the challenge the more energised I become so I didn’t fear it – I’ve never felt so alive.

Nobody knew what CrossFit was back then but I believed I had found something so special that I was prepared to risk everything for it, including my home. I knew if I didn’t try I would spend the rest of my life regretting it. The first year was a real struggle. I worked all day, 6 days per week for 51 weeks that year. I had no staff so I had to do everything myself and I closed the gym for 1 week in August to take a holiday. I made no profit that year and poured what little I had back into the business buying more equipment. Without the financial support of my wife who paid the mortgage that year I would have had to close down. After approximately 18 months a fantastic group of people joined the gym and it just started to take off.

 In April 2012 we needed a larger premises and moved to our current location in the Majestic business park. My parents met in the dance hall that used to exist on this exact site way back in the 70’s so it felt like I already had a strong connection to the place. In the years since then we have had lots of great days with over 10,000 classes completed and millions of individual workouts done. We have a great team now with myself, Tadhg, Niall and Suzanna. I might be biased but I believe you will need to travel far and wide to find three more dedicated coaches than myself, Tadhg and Niall. We eat, sleep and breathe health & fitness and CrossFit and we practise what we preach.  Suzannas organisation skills and knowhow help to gel it all together.

People are our greatest asset. Without the loyal CrossFit Mallow members base we could cease to exist. We genuinely do care and always do everything in our power to help make each of you fitter, healthier and happier. Our goal is make your hour at the gym the best hour of your day where you can forget about everything else going on in your life and train hard with like minded people. We are always striving to improve the facility and coaching, that is a never ending task that keeps us on our toes.

Thank you to everyone that has been part of the past decade at CrossFit Mallow. Some have moved on - such is the fitness industry, but your contribution will always be appreciated.

To Tadhg and Niall, I spotted your potential years ago and ye haven’t let me down. Two of the best coaches in Ireland by a country mile. We’ll continue to build our gym together and we have a great future ahead of us.

To Suzanna, the voice of reason and the only one that knows what it’s really like to run your own gym. She grew up in a family business so she just gets it. Without her support I’m not sure I could do it.

The past decade has been a challenge but we succeeded. The next decade will provide a different set of challenges; Brexit, insurance, lots of competition. I’ve never shirked a challenge and I’m not about to start now…

Thank you for reading now sign up for our in-house community training day on Sat Sept 28th

Gerard McAuliffe




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