My Crossfit Journey so far ....


As a mum of two toddlers, my Crossfit journey began in January as an escape twice per week from nappies! I've always kept a level of fitness but it had slipped somewhat after having children. I had spent years going to the gym, using the treadmill, bike, cross trainer but never the weights area. That seemed to be reserved for men only and the ladies, me included, were too intimidated by all the testosterone to ever venture far away from the cardio corner!!


Crossfit Mallow is like no other gym I've been to. Everyone at every level is made feel welcome by coaches and athletes alike. The workouts are never boring and are done before you know it.


 The results; I feel so much stronger, I've more energy for my children and I've dropped a dress size!! All my family and friends have noticed the new inproved me!!Not a bad result for a mummy in need of 2 hours escape per week!! I will never return to the cardio corner of my local gym!! Give me my Crossfit Box anyday!!


- Joann Crean

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