Like many girls, my participation in sports dropped in my mid teens, and apart from some yoga and walking the dogs, not much else happened for 25 years! Shameful I know.


I had been “nudged” by my brother Michael for a year to join Crossift. But each time he asked me I kept replying “How could I, I wouldn’t be able for it” and dismissed the idea.  Apart from sharing the same inherited dodgy knees, I didn’t see how could I be in the same sports space As Michael and Deirdre who were doing triathlons, marathons and Wicklow 200’s?? But for my 40th birthday I decided to invest in myself and took the plunge. Although daunting at first, Thank God everything is scalable to your own ability and you quickly find where your strengths and weaknesses are – both to both enjoy and work on.


There is such a feel good factor seeing yourself improve and recover faster from workouts. The level of support and encouragement in the box  is  like no other sport  -  you can’t be benched or put waiting as a sub. Age, size, gender, physical ability are no barriers as each individual performs to their own potential. Being part of team events is great fun, disguise how much work you have done and send you home buzzing.


So for you over 40’s don’t be scared - it is never too late to join crossfit, dodgy knees do get better and your teenage kids will actually want to do something with you (crossfit!). Just do it! - I did :)


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