Testimonial from one of the fittest men in Ireland: Tadgh Carroll.



This is my journey so far; I was 15 years old when I first met Ger. It was in the Hi-B gym where Ger worked at the time. It was here we had our first encounter, myself, Ronan Mc Carthy and a few of the lads were all jumping in the pool when Ger kicked us out and barred us from the gym. That didn’t last too long. (That was the first time I got barred from the Hi-B)

 I was 17 years old when I first saw CrossFit being done. Ger and a few others were doing a CrossFit workout. The first WOD I did was ‘fight gone bad’ in 2009. I had been training seriously for a year before this and would have considered myself to be quite fit. It was only after this first CrossFit WOD that I realised how unfit I actually was. My main goal at the time was to get as fit as possible for the handball world championships in Portland Orgen that October. Ger would put up weekly workouts. Myself, Fionn and Ronan would do these once a week (with Ronan always winning). This went on for about a year or so. I really enjoyed this way of training and I noticed my fitness had improved.

 I joined CrossFit Mallow in 2010. Ger was one of the best trainers in the gym, so that is why I decided to follow him over to CrossFit Mallow. I have been training with CrossFit for three years now and to say I’m obsessed in an understatement I train there most days (twice a day sometimes). Ger has been a great coach to me over the past three years at CrossFit. He is always willing to help, always picking out your weaknesses so you can improve. No matter who you are Ger will give you the best personnel training even if you’re a beginner or more experienced. Big shout out to Jerry also who coaches me from time to time. He is always helpful and enjoyable to be around. It’s wonderful to be coached by two experienced people. I’ve made great friends at CrossFit and would recommend anyone to try it for fitness but also for the social part. It’s been a great three years and hopefully I’ll get better some day - Tadgh Carroll




Ger- I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Tadgh for almost 8 years now. In that time I’ve watch him grow (literally about a foot!) from a teenage boy into one of the fittest men in Ireland. My passion for fitness seemed to ignite something within Tadgh a long time ago and he has worked harder than anyone I’ve ever met to improve. I’ve never seen anyone with his capacity to work hard day after day. He is the one setting the pace and the standard for the rest of us to follow.


 I’m very proud of how far he has come and how far I believe he will go in the next few years. Tadgh is the kind of guy that eveyone loves to be around, women from 6 to 60 all love him and men all want to be him! I’m also very proud of the way he carries himself in competitions, he demonstrates tremendous athleticism but more importantly he is respectful to judges, other athletes and spectators. When he wins, which he does a lot more regularly than when he is defeated he takes victory in his stride. He knows no matter how good you are there is always room for improvement and plenty of work to be done. Keep up the hard training and lots of mobility work Tadgh, I’m sure you’ll get your just rewards in the not too distant future.

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